Ice Cream Products

20 years professional experiences in ice cream industry. We supply ice cream sticks, ice cream production line, ice cream paper cups, ice cream freezer showcase, vanillin power, etc. Enter Now

Ice Cream Cart

An ice cream cart is a mobile commercial vehicle that sells ice cream as a retail outlet. Our ice cream cart consists of ice cream display cart, ice cream bike and the ice cream vending food cart, all these are in good quality and best price. Enter Now

Chocolate Making Equipment

Quality suppliers in chocolate industries. Include machinery for chocolate refining, conching, tempering, molding and packing. Reliable technology support to develop projects for broad applications with equipment of great quality and fair price. Enter Now

Ice Cream Extrusion Machine

The ice cream made by ice cream extruder machine is stiffer and colder, but has creamier consistency. Extrusion ice cream machine can be used to make various ice cream, include sandwich ice cream and cake ice cream. Enter Now

Ice Cream Sugar Cone Machine

We supply ice cream sugar cone machine in high quality for all of you to purchase, our sugar cone machine consists of semi auto ice cream sugar cone machine, the full auto ice cream sugar cone machine and the KFC Moulded ice cream sugar cone machine, the best service and cheap price you can get from us. Enter Now

Why Choose Exportimes


Professional Evaluation

Factory Quality Products

Exportimes have professional service team to conduct on-site inspection, collect office information, factories, warehouse products and other information, carry out strict information verification, truly present the seller's status, and reduce the decision cost of buyers.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Efficient Overseas Marketing

Exportimes is the official partner of Google Adwords, Facebook, Yandex and other international Internet brands. We can help companies search for international business opportunities online by using search engines and social networking platforms. Meanwhile, we also help customers open up offline marketing channels at the famous exhibitions such as Canton Fair, effectively finding international buyers.

Goverment Coorperation

Government Resources Support

Exportimes has fully support from Chinese government and eatablished long-term cooperative relationships with the Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province,CCPIT(China Council for Promotion of International Trade) and other insitutions.Exportimes has signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the Liaoning provincial government to help enterprises carry out international trade.

Service Qualification

High-end Service Qualification Guarantee

After continuous development,Exportimes has gradually gained recognition from all walks of life.Now Exportimes is is one of the most trusted 50 B2B industry websites in China,2013~2014、2015~2016 、2016~2017 National E-commerce Model Enterprises awarded by Ministry of Commerce of China,and also the first Integrated trading platform、"Foreign trade e-commerce innovation training base " officially recognized by the government of Dalian.