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Ice Cream Sugar Cone Machine

We supply ice cream sugar cone machine in high quality for all of you to purchase, our sugar cone machine consists of semi auto ice cream sugar cone machine, the full auto ice cream sugar cone machine and the KFC Moulded ice cream sugar cone machine, the best service and cheap price you can get from us.

Ice Cream Extrusion Machine

The ice cream made by ice cream extruder machine is stiffer and colder, but has creamier consistency. Extrusion ice cream machine can be used to make various ice cream, include sandwich ice cream and cake ice cream.

Ice Cream Filling Machine

Filling is an essential process of ice cream production. It needs ice cream filling equipment. Here you can find high quality ice cream filling machine with unique advantages. We offer ice cream cone filling machine and cup filling machine. Professional ice cream filling machine manufacturers develop advanced technology to improve the machine with long life time and high efficiency.

Ice Cream Molding Machine

Here you can find high quality ice cream molding machine offered by reliable suppliers. Ice lolly machine for many branded ice cream you can purchase in low price, such as Zap ice cream machine, Zoom and Retro ice lolly machine, Twister cyclone ice lolly machine.

Ice Cream Pre-treatment Machine

We have much experience in the ice cream machine industries, Ice cream continuous freezer, ice cream aging tank, ice cream homogenizer are available here. Factory price and fast delivery are for you.


Quality suppliers in casting industries. Include aluminum Casting, Bronze Casting, Iron casting, steel casting. Factory direct supply.

Lollipop Making Machine

A range of equipment and machinery for lollipop producer and those requiring more automated high volume production capabilities. Our range of lollipop machinery contains everything from cooking to wrapping.

Potato Chips Machine

We offer professional suppliers of potato chips processing machines, top quality potato chips plant machines from Exportimes.


Quality suppliers in valve industries. Include manual, pneumatically & electrically operated ball valves, butterfly valves and gate valves, check valves, automatic control Valves.

Ice Cream Products

20 years professional experiences in ice cream industry. We supply ice cream sticks, ice cream production line, ice cream paper cups, ice cream freezer showcase, vanillin power, etc.

Ice Cream Vending Machine

Coin operated ice cream vending machine for sale , table top and vertical style provided.

Hotel Supply

cheap silverware wholesale ceramic restaurant plates wholesale ceramic mugs


Shop our restaurant & commercial oven selection to find the perfect oven for your foodservice business. Wholesale prices, fast shipping, & superior service.

Food Additive

We are professional in food additive research and development, main product such as Gelatine, Vanillin, Aspartame, corn starch Calcium, Sodium Propionate and amino-acids series.

Chocolate Making Equipment

Quality suppliers in chocolate industries. Include machinery for chocolate refining, conching, tempering, molding and packing. Reliable technology support to develop projects for broad applications with equipment of great quality and fair price.


Scented candles, Votive, Pillar, Taper, Scented candles supply,candles wholesale list.

Rescue Equipment

Any good quality rescue equipment with reasonable prices. We supply emergency tents, alarm, fire blanket, military storage box and other firefighting items, security products.


We are leading racking manufacturer and supplier,we have manufacturing facilities for more than 30 years.We provide safe,robust and reliable racking systems of an unrivalled standard.

Ice Cream Sticks

We offered the highest quality wooden products, using only A Grade white birch wood. We have become The Premier Supplier in the ice cream industry, food service industry, craft industry and paint industry.

Ice Cream Paper Cups

Accommodate all summer appetites for serving ice cream, yoghurt or gelato. Made from a coated food grade paperboard. Our paper cups are sturdy, reliable and leak proof during the warm summer season.

Ice Cream Packaging Film

We supply aluminum foil lid cover, ice cream wrapper and any other ice cream packaging film. A part of our products have exported to Mihan Dairy and any other worldwide clients. Contact us& Get Quote.

Food Grade Packaging Film

We are professional food grade packaging film supplier. A part of our products have exported to Mihan Dairy and any other worldwide clients. Contact us& Get Quote.

Ice Cream Cart

An ice cream cart is a mobile commercial vehicle that sells ice cream as a retail outlet. Our ice cream cart consists of ice cream display cart, ice cream bike and the ice cream vending food cart, all these are in good quality and best price.

Ice Cream Series

Much experiences in ice cream industry we have, ice cream sticks, ice cream cart, ice cream machine, ice cream showcase can be purchased here.